Friday, June 8, 2018 - ​There are those who say that we live in times of discord, lack of unity and strife, but there are also those who see it as a time in which we have never been so connected. And it’s the latter mindset that allowed ​Ibeyi​ and ​Emicida’s​ paths to cross. While touring their sophomore album ​Ash​ in Brazil in January 2018, ​Ibeyi​ joined Brazilian rapper ​Emicida ​to record at the Lab Fantasma studios and the result is a beautiful collaborative track being released today titled “​Hacia El Amor.​” To accompany the track is a captivating music video, for which the two artists this time gathered in Paris, France (Ibeyi’s home) to record. The video, directed by ​Christian Beuchet​,​ illustrates the plural lyrics that promote the breaking of barriers, bringing the artists into a shed covered with graffiti and filled with people, dancing and celebrating the ancestral feeling that unites us all : love.